Online credit card system - Taiwan Higher Education Union

Membership Fee Payment

THE union has partnered with a third-party financial institution to collect membership fees through regular debit by credit card or financial card, which not only eliminates the hassle of transferring funds, but also allows the union's limited manpower to focus more on fighting for members' labour rights and promoting reform of higher education policies.

If you need to change your credit/financial card, change your status, go out of the union, etc. and need to adjust or stop your debit, please feel free to contact the union. Thank you for your help and support!

Contact: Email [email protected] or call 02-25077391。

If you have more than two email addresses, please fill in the email address you received from the union to facilitate the verification of the bill payer by the Secretariat. Thank you for your support of the Union!

Note: The payment system has a default credit/financial card authorization period of five years, with only one debit per year. The total amount of authorisation shown on the payment page will be the sum of the five debits. In addition to the first year of membership which will result in one additional debit, a recurring annual membership fee will be automatically charged to members by Third Party Goldstream. For those who pay 10 years membership fee in one go, only one deduction will be made.

Membership Fee Structure

Membership Type A.Admission fee
(First Year)
B.Membership fee
First year fees payable
(Total A+B)
Full-time teachers/ researchers NT$ 1,000 NT$ 3,600 NT$ 4,600
Full time staff/ assistants NT$ 1,000 NT$ 2,400 NT$ 3,400
Part-time teachers/ Part-time assistants/ TAs/ students/ retired faculty/ retired staff NT$ 1,000 NT$ 600 NT$ 1,600

※ At the inaugural meeting, a recurrent fee adjustment was approved, whereby full-time teachers and researchers who pay their recurrent dues for ten years at a time will receive a 10% discount on their dues for that period. A number of members have already responded to this initiative to support the financial pressure of the union in its early years.

Membership Type A.Admission fee
(First Year)
B.10 years fee First year fees payable
(Total A+B)
Full-time teachers/ researchers NT$ 1,000 NT$ 32,400 NT$ 33,400